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Reasons Why Video Marketing Should Rule Your Content Marketing Strategy




It's widely recognized that SEO video marketing is soaring day by day, and it's certainly not a content marketing strategy for any kind of business to ignore. People certainly love video, and that may explain why YouTube is the world's number two web search engine. All important content marketing stats are in favor of evolve video taking a more prominent role, and that's for valid reasons, including:


Improved Conversion Rates

This is probably the most important reason for using more video in your content marketing. Video such as from https://evolvestrategic.com/contact-us turns more visitors and viewers into buyers. As per research, 71% of marketers say that conversion rates for video are higher than those for other forms of content marketing.


Stronger Emotional Bonding

If you want to invoke emotions on the web, use video and you'll get surprising results. Video stands out as it offers a range of characteristics that you cannot harness with other forms of content, such as tone of voice, music, body gestures, and facial expression among others.

You may not feel compelled to make a purchase immediately after watching a video that excites emotions, but what you may not realize for now is that what you've seen or heard in the video may subconsciously influence you're purchase choice later on. Any marketing that can invoke consumer emotions can certainly influence consumer decision-making, and that's why you want to continue prioritizing video marketing SEO.


Ease of Creation

Now, you don't have to own a multimedia powerhouse to have access to quality marketing video production. You don't even have to do it in-house, because, certainly, there's a lot you've got on your plate right now. The thing is that there are marketing video creation companies you can get in touch with for help your plan. It does not have to cost you many thousands of dollars and a lot of time to have a nice, professional marketing video produced on the behalf of your business.


Enhanced Email Click-Through Rates

Do mailing lists still work nowadays? If not, maybe that's because people are not interesting their audience with emails anymore. If you want more people to respond to your emails, include videos in your communication and you'll see direct results.


SEO video marketing can produce impressive results if applied the right way. Actually, video marketing is mandatory for any business (big or small) that hopes to beat its competition and reach out to more potential customers.


Please visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_advertising if you like to know more.